Your VivoTab Bag and Workstation

New VivoTab

New VivoTab

Using a tablet has become a solid part of everyday life. Business tycoons can run their organisations from under a blanket on the couch, while mobile gamers experience their favourite games on a bigger, brighter and bolder screen. The launch of the new Asus VivoTab is an exciting leap for fans of mobile technology, as this lightweight tab utilises Windows 8.1, an 8mp camera and the option of a portable ZENBOOK-style mobile dock.

The Right VivoTab Bag for your Tablet

So, you’ve got the tablet you’ve been looking for – now where do you store it? The Trabasack range includes bags in three sizes. The smallest of the range is the Trabasack Mini, which is 13 x 9.8 x 3 inches. The next size up is the Trabasack Curve, measuring at 15.4 x 14.6 x 3 inches and, finally, the Trabasack Max, which is larger than the others at 16.9 x 12.9 x 4.7 inches. While the Trabasack Max would be the perfect size for the average laptop, the Curve and the Mini are smaller, providing support and protection for tablets of any size. The zip function ensures you that your tablet is secured tightly, and there is even room to store your tablet dock if you choose to go for one. While your VivoTab remains protected, the case is soft and breathable, promising comfort as you carry it from place to place. The Trabasack VivoTab bag helps ensure your tablet is kept in perfect condition.

Trabasack VivoTab Bag and Lap Tray

Trabasack Mini VivoTab Bag and Tray

Trabasack Mini as a handy tray table for tablets

Not only is the Trabasack ideal in terms of size and protection for your VivoTab, but it is also multi-functional: lay the soft, bean-filled side on your lap and you will find yourself with a steady yet comfortable lap tray which is perfect for using your tablet for business, for gaming or just for catching up on your social networking. The Trabasack Curve can be upgraded to a Trabasack Connect which offers a Velcro-receptive tray-top which is compatible with sticky-back hook and loop tape. This leaves you safe in the knowledge that your VivoTab is secured firmly and free from any danger of falling. On top of all of this, it is easily portable; lightweight to carry, and made even easier using the adjustable straps that enable it to be worn like a rucksack.

Whether you’re using your VivoTab at home or while you’re on your commute to work, the Trabasack VivoTab bag is ideal for comfort, security and style, making your tablet usage even easier, more fun, and perhaps even more productive – though that one is mostly up to you!

If you want to get the most out of using your VivoTab, you can buy your Trabasack VivoTab bag and lap tray here.

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