How to take care of a Tablet Computer

Want to extend the life of your tablet computer?  Follow these tips to take care of your iPad and keep it secure and safe during everyday use or travel…

How to take care of your tablet or ipad computer. Tips and safety care information for keeping it in tip top shape.

Tablet computers, such as the iPad, Nexus or Kindle Fire – have become an important part of our everyday lives. They are now even more affordable than ever before and have become as popular as other mobile electronic devices such as mobile phones. A tablet computer has such fantastic versatility in comparison to the humble (yet obviously bulky) home desktop PC. The small and compact design of the tablet computer provides the ultimate portability, making it easier to carry with you no matter where you go; making it highly convenient to use if a whole plethora of situations. A tablet computer can travel with you to work, on business or leisure trips, or even to the supermarket – this handbag sized marvel of technology has revolutionised the way we think about mobile technology.

Young man with looking over his shoulder, wearing the Trabasack Mini in a messenger bag style

Follow Me on Pinterest The Trabasack range of tablet bags can be worn in number of styles, including a fashionable messenger bag option.

The usability of tablet computers makes them ideal for all age ranges; with the touch-screen technology making them so easy to use (with no need for pens, paper and other accessories) more and more young people are using them for school, college and university. The ability to access the internet from almost anywhere allows the user to provide real-time updates for research, work, study or even gaming.

Ensuring You Take Care of Your Tablet Computer

It is vital to ensure you take care of your tablet computer and protect it from accidents. Although they are designed for portability, it is common sense that you need to be prudent with your treatment, especially as repairs and replacements can be quite costly.

The 1st recommendation is to invest in a bag that is specifically designed for carrying a tablet computer. Tablet bags are designed with extra padding to protect your tablet computer’s delicate screen and casing from wear and tear, and for added protection in case you accidentally drop it. It is not advised to carry or travel with your tablet computer unprotected, or in a bag that lacks proper, suitable protection.

An image of an iPad on top of the Trabasack Mini lapdesk bag

Follow Me on Pinterest The Trabasack Mini lapdesk tablet bag is the ideal size for utilising and travelling with you iPad

A tablet bag such as the Trabasack Mini is ideal for taking your tablet computer out and about. Whether you need a smart case for work, a backpack for school or college, or a cool messenger bag for the weekend, the Trabasack Mini is the perfect accessory for your iPad or Kindle Fire HD.

The Trabasack tablet bag has a tray on one side which allows you to utilise your tablet computer no matter what the location – the bag sits upon your knee, providing the perfect desk space for work or games.

The Trabasack mini tablet bag is also designed to ensure the utmost protection for your delicate tablet computer, with its cushioned, padded interior providing a safe and secure place to store your iPad whilst not in use.

The next important tip for tablet computer care is to try and keep food, snacks and drinks as far away from it as possible. This can be difficult when travelling for business, especially if you have to multi-task during a working lunch, or even if you have little ones around who find the tablet understandably curious. However, even the smallest amount of liquid is enough to ruin the delicate screen and components within the tablet computer. It will mostly mean that a replacement is necessary, and you will find that most warranties do not cover accidental damage caused by liquids. It is ultimately better to keep beverages at arms length whilst you use your tablet computer, as the risk of losing your data is a far greater concern.

Protecting Your Tablet Computer

Image of the red coloured interior of the Trabasack Max tablet bag.

Follow Me on Pinterest The Trabasack Max tablet bag and lap desk is the perfect travel accessory, spacious and safe for commuting or business trips.

When using or charging your tablet computer via mains electricity, you should consider purchasing a surge protector to use. Although a one-off electrical surge may not damage it the first time, continued or repeated electrical surges could completely destroy the circuitry, making the tablet inoperable.

It is advised that you try not to introduce your tablet computer to extremes of either hot or cold environments. Abrupt changes in temperature can cause condensation and moisture build-up that may short the internal circuitry. A gradual transition from a warm environment to a cold one (or visa versa) is suggested.

When travelling for business or leisure with your tablet computer in tow, be sure to charge your battery to full capacity before you leave home. Although many trains and planes offer a plug socket for charging mobile devices, you do not want to rely on this if you have important work that needs completing whilst out and about.

Image of the lap desk side of the Trabasack Max tablet travel bag

Follow Me on Pinterest Each Trabasack tablet bag, such as the Max, features a sturdy and stable lap desk on one side, for work or play whilst on the go, via your tablet, laptop or netbook.

Although this sounds quite obvious, try not to leave your tablet computer unattended, ensure that it is secure in your tablet bag and never check it in as baggage when travelling by air. Your tablet or tablet bag should be immediately visible to you at all times to avoid any chance of damage or even theft.

Large Laptop Bag with a Lapdesk Function

The Trabasack Max is the newest member of the tablet bag family – its spacious, large capacity provides the ideal luggage when travelling with your tablet computer – with enough room for clothes, daily essentials, paper work and your computer, the Trabasack Max offers the ultimate tablet bag solution for travel.

The Trabasack Max tablet bag has all of the fantastic features seen on the other Trabasack models, including the built-in lap desk feature and padded design, making it the ideal tablet bag for short trips away for business and leisure.

Lastly, if you find there is a technical fault with your tablet computer, it is advised that you avoid trying to disassemble or fix the problem yourself. Although it may seem like a sensible and frugal idea at first, there’s a good chance you may damage the tablet even further, and you will also void any warranty you held on the device.

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