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Trabasack Mini Tablet Laptop Business Bag

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Over the past decade, there has been a vast to change to the computer equipment necessary for everyday business needs; the modern day business person is not only responsible for old fashioned files and paperwork, but also expensive electronic equipment such as iPad tablets, small laptop computers, Wacom tablets and netbooks.

These fantastic modern gadgets have revolutionised the way the average employer or employee functions on a day-to-day basis; allowing freedom of location for work and communication, and most would agree that without their personal computers or dual core tablet, organising workload and meetings would be an almost impossible task.

As the need for iPad tablets and mobile computers such as internet ready laptops become more essential to the critical tasks each business person must undertake, so is the need to find the ideal tablet business bag.

Trabasack Mini tablet business bag

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The Trabasack line of tablet business bags, offer an equally revolutionary way to help organise and protect your professional laptop and tablet computers whilst traveling for business purposes.

Trabasack tablet business bags are a stylish alternative to the regular business briefcase, providing the ultimate in security and protection, whilst at the same time supplying you with the convenience and usability of a practical built-in lap desk feature.

The Trabasack business bags for tablets can safely transport any tablet computer, small laptop or netbook, with the lap desk feature providing you with a personal workspace no matter your location. When taking public transport or traveling on a business trip, space is often at a premium, however, the lap desk feature of the Trabasack tablet business bag offers a flat and steady surface perfect for placing your electronic tablet computer whilst in use, sketching or note taking on the go, or even as a tray for taking lunch or a coffee break.

messenger bag Trabasack Mini

Follow Me on Pinterest Smart and compact – the Trabasack Mini tablet business bag

The Trabasack tablet business bag is also a multi-style tablet case; pre-equipped with two different length straps, the tablet business bag can be carried in the hand in the traditional briefcase style, across the chest as small laptop messenger bag, over the shoulder as a contemporary satchel for iPad tablets or even as a smart and professional rucksack or backpack – leaving your hands free for answering your iPhone, making notes or any other challenges that may await you whilst traveling for business.

The Trabasack tablet black business bag comes in two main styles and sizes – the Curve model offers an ergonomic shape that fits

securely around the waist whilst being used as a lap desk, whilst the Trabasack Mini is a compact tablet case ideal for the daily commute to work.

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