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The Trabasack Mini bag for tablet computers

Follow Me on Pinterest The Trabasack bag for tablet PCs is a quality iPad case and lap desk in one

If you’ve invested in the best tablet computer, you will in turn be looking for the best tablet bag that functions as both a practical travel case and a durable tablet carry bag, to ensure your new tablet PC remains safe and secure whilst out-and-about.

Not only should the best tablet bag provide hard wearing and effective protection for your tablet computer, but also a wealth of practical and convenient features to allow ease of use and access to your iPad, Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet, Motorola Xoom tablet or other tablet computer.

Trabasack have created the ultimate padded bag for tablet computers, that is produced in Britain using the highest quality and bag manufacturer standards; the Trabasack is durable enough to be utilised as a small laptop messenger bag, netbook carrying bag, computer travel case or tablet business bag. The Trabasack also includes some fantastic and unique practical features that are unequaled by any other tablet bag on the market.

The Curve bag for tablet

Follow Me on Pinterest The Trabasack Curve has an ergonomic shape for comfort and ease of use

Each model from the Trabasack range of bags for tablet computers has a built-in lap tray or lap desk on one side, which provides and flat and sturdy surface for working on all types of mobile computer, including tablet PCs, small laptops or netbook computers, whilst also providing an ideal surface for out-of-the-office paper work, writing, note-taking, book reading or as a tray for taking lunch on-the-go or where a table space may otherwise be unavailable.

iPad Rucksack bag for tablet computers

Follow Me on Pinterest The Trabasack tablet bag can be transformed from iPad Rucksack to laptop Messenger bag

The Trabasack bag for tablet computers can be worn in a number of styles, by transforming the tablet case using the straps provided. Whether you’re in need of a messenger bag for laptops, small travel handbag for your iPad or practical padded rucksack for tablet computers, the Trabasack can converted to fit all your needs with speed and ease.

There are 2 main models of Trabasack bag for tablet PCs; the Mini – a compact and lightweight tablet case, and the Curve – a slightly larger tablet carry bag with an ergonomic shape to fit snugly around the waist when used as a lap desk.

Both the Mini and Curve feature the built-in tablet lap desk and multi-strap system, and can

Trabasack Mini Interior

Follow Me on Pinterest All tablet computers, small laptops and wifi netbooks fit in the Trabasack tablet bag

furthermore be purchased with the addition of the “Connect” surface – rather than the hard, leather-look desk surface of the other models, the Connect range of Trabasack tablet bags have a soft fabric tray which can be used with Velcro or hook tape to attach any items desired to the tray, ideal for use with children when the bag is attached to a buggy or wheelchair, or for disabled users – fitting the Trabasack bag for tablets to a wheelchair is simple using the provided waist straps.

The Connect Curve comes in 4 exciting colour trims, including orange, red, pink and blue, and all Trabasack tablet bags are available for shipping worldwide.

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